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Note: This is NOT an official government website.

How can I find out how much money is in my Social Security account? You can't, because there is no such account.

Social Security is an INSURANCE policy, with NO LIFETIME LIMIT on benefits. It's like an account with an infinite amount of money in it, because it will never run out, for as long as you live.

Then where does all the money go, that I pay into Social Security? It goes to pay benefits to those people who are currently receiving them.

A small amount of what you pay (about 0.3%) covers the cost of administering the Social Security program, and about 10-15% goes into the Reserve Fund.

If I don't have a Social Security account, then where will the money come from, to pay my benefits when I retire? From the premium payments (Social Security taxes) paid by the workers (and their employers) of the future—those people who are younger than you, who will still be working and paying taxes after you retire.

Just as you are now paying the benefits for today's retirees, the next generation of workers will pay for your retirement.

What about the statements I get from Social Security, showing how much money is due me? That shows what MONTHLY benefit amount you will receive, when you become eligible.

This monthly benefit will continue FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (if you are receiving retiree benefits) or until you no longer meet the eligibility requirements (if you are receiving survivor or disability benefits).

Note: This is NOT an official government website.
This website presents summary information on Social Security, in a pictorial, easy-to-understand format.

For detailed, official information on Social Security, visit the Social Security website, or contact your local Social Security office or your Congressional representative.

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